Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Few More Fold-Out Postcard Sonnets - 6/21


A deuce of hearts misplaced in the arms of a
VT forsythia bush the other blossoms of course a
sort of raincoat yellow & the heart inside the coat’s
sort of sputtering like a buckwheat pancake on a

griddle in a Mojave truck stop in the middle of 100 miles of
yucca & borax & bleak fortune cookie sticking their
paper tongues out like so many 5¢ Chinatown
postcards Marlowe’s penning return address un-

known tho it could be the North Pole for that matter
someplace he couldn’t escape from like a snapshot mis-
placed long ago in a bungalow run aground long after the

Mendelssohn wedding recessional shed white yellow
blue pink scads of umbilical blossoms scattering ev-
eryplace as tho the mailbox had blown up at last

Jack Hayes
© 2010


Mairi said...

Hi John. Thanks for stopping by, and for the opportunity to read Marlowe's travels again. I liked them the first time I read them and they gain by exposure.

John Hayes said...

Hi Mairi: It's always a pleasure to see the poems you post. Glad you're still liking these--since I didn't post the whole sequence on Robert Frost's Banjo back in 09, you will soon start seeing some that hadn't appeared earlier.