Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Few More Fold-Out Postcard Sonnets - 6/30


A coffee cup squats in a singular mood of
lust & vapor & resignation like a shooting
gallery duck that keeps coming back for more &
maybe the night’s kind of syrupy not sweet tho

there’s not 1 toothache in the violet fog not 1
sugar packet not 1 pair of panties drying on a
clothesline under a gawking monocled blue
blue moon’s decapitated noggin that can’t stop

thinking Who wears monocles nowadays but
the sky’s riddled with unstable stars that can’t stop
coming unsnapped like safety pins that can’t stop

falling gigantic as ironing boards flattening
hopes & fears & so forth unnoticed by most as
Marlowe’s head floats off like a chipped coffee cup

Jack Hayes
© 2010


Irina said...

Interesting weaving of the monocle theme and Marlowe's head floating off (wondrous metaphor)..I did look up Marlowe's biography to understand what's at play here.
A poem whose reading proves to be a satisfying exercise.



John Hayes said...

Hi Irina: Glad you liked it! I don't know if you looked back at the intro to this sequence, but I modelled the Marlowe character on a mix of Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe, the "historical" Christopher Marlowe & some fictional & autobiographical elements.