Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Few More Fold-Out Postcard Sonnets - 7/11


India ink spruce trees up on the hill it
could be anywhere watching the sunset’s
locomotive crash into the swamp with its
refrigerators & rowboats & slightly effeminate

ferns & a black wool blanket overrun with
beetles & ladybugs & a snapshot of Jane with
a peach pie & a thermos It could be
anywhere anytime September 2 1988 Albemarle

County VA like a porcelain full moon that looks like
a magnolia blossom sprouting from a caboose that’s
rattling & hooting through heaven like a

tugboat chugging through water lilies &
Marlowe’s just now dropping a line to the past stating
If you miss the train I’m on you will etc

Jack Hayes
© 2010


Dave King said...

Noo less brilliant than before. I especially loved the last two stanzas.

John Hayes said...

Hi Dave: Very much appreciate your readership--thanks!

Mairi said...

I know those india ink spruce trees - I try to paint them occasionally but am never happy with them, all twisted and blasted against the suset. Too simple, or too complicated. I can never tell which. I like the chariot of the sun converted to a locomotive and that young brat still driving it recklessly to ground, and Marlowe, just now dropping a line. You're a master of the ellipses.

John Hayes said...

Hi Mairi: & thanks--I very much appreciate your readings of these poems, & also your generous words.