Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Few More Fold-Out Postcard Sonnets - 8/1


A dish of red beans & rice congeals on top of
a mahogany armoire while yellow light slants thru
venetian blinds like a baby grand’s
lid trembling imperceptibly during some

Revolutionary Étude climax while a sack of
Popeye’s 3-piece spicy white meat chicken
oozes grease on an embroidered ottoman while
Charlotte paints her toenails C# black while

a passel of mayflies is giving it up in
the mentholated smoke New England evening
air like a swarm of slot machines simultaneously coming up

cherries while a rose bouquet leaves Marlowe with
premonitions of 1 thousand Maoist blossoms debating
the musical questions of a personal life

Jack Hayes
© 2010


Anonymous said...

There's something almost Proustian about the intensity of sensory reportage in this poem. Glorious imagery throughout. I love the notion of toenails painted in 'C# black'! Lovely stuff, Jack/John.

John Hayes said...

Hi Dick: Many thanks! Glad you liked it.

Irina said...

I agree with the fact that our personal lives can only lead us to musical questions...and ever so often, chairs.



John Hayes said...

Hi Irina: I've had both experiences myself. Thanks!